Nanaimo BC Summer Games

Nanaimo BC Summer Games

The recently concluded Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games had a direct economic impact of almost $2 million to the Harbour City and surrounding region. The study, commissioned by the BC Games Society and completed by the Economic Planning Group measured spending by Games organizers, participants, spectators, and volunteers.


“When you have had the opportunity to visit a BC Games event – whether as an athlete, coach, family member or spectator, you can’t help but notice the increased activity beyond the physical achievements of the athletes, in the host community,” said Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. “The sport tourism associated with these events is significant and it’s great to know Nanaimo realized $2 million in economic activity from hosting the 2014 BC Summer Games.”

Nanaimo was host to 3182 athletes, coaches, and officials from every corner of the province for the BC Summer Games held from July 17-20.

A three-time host of the BC Summer Games, Nanaimo once again delivered with over 3400 volunteers stepping up to feed, accommodate, transport, entertain, and host the best in BC.  It was a memorable weekend of competition and celebration.

The collective effort of volunteers, business, government, and organizations working together provided, once again, a first rate BC Summer Games experience for everyone involved.

Congratulations and thank you Nanaimo!




View photos from the 2014 BC Summer Games.


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