2015 Barefoot Provincials: Sumas

2015 Barefoot Provincials: Sumas

The 2015 Barefooting season is wrapping up and there’s lots to reflect on;

From the Day Clinics at the Vancouver Waterski Club to the BC Team Camps at Silvermere and Sheridan Lake. Each set on the water was preparing the skiers for the 2015 Barefoot Provincials held at Sumas, Abbottsford on August 22nd.

At the beginning of the day the site had a slight wind blowing through but that didn’t stop the footers from suiting up and jumping in the water. With the spectators and supporters lining the bridge overlooking the water-hoping for the best vantage point to view-the action got underway.


The morning began with the Mens division, which included Don “Schwarty” leading the charge, followed by Cam and Chris. Nicki, Kevin, and Aaron, who make up the BC Barefoot Team, scored incredibly well in their runs. Nicki has been working on some commanding tricks this season and she did not disappoint the crowd of onlookers. This is Aaron’s second year at provincials and first year on the BC Team.

The ladies followed the Team skiers, with Lee and Becca representing the double x chromosomes.
The boat crew did a quick switch and got the boom attached for the 3 young skiers in the boom division. Stella, Lydia, and Carson were all smiles during the event and even did some backwards skiing. Two of the kids added their own “spin” on the tumble turn by turning it into a triple-tumble! The boat crew was phenomenal and the tournament wouldn’t have run without them. Mike was the Chief of Competition and head judge, along with Ian as the tournament chairperson and second judge. Richard Gray, known as “Coach” by everyone in the community, pulled the skiers with enthusiasm and encouraging anecdotes the whole day (as per usual).

Two spectators, after watching the footers tear up the wake, decided to join in. Dan and Frankie registered last-minute and got their chance to ski in the provincials just before we shut down the boat for the day. That’s what the barefoot community’s attitude is all about: encouraging others and creating a supportive and fun environment to get out on the water. One of the greatest examples of this attitude is Richard Gray’s good humor on the water and the camaraderie on the start dock. Most barefoot tournaments feel more like social gatherings; skiers are catching up while stretching for their trick runs, sharing in their accomplishments from the season, and high fiving over new PBs.


Don Schwartz and the Schwartz family are pivotal in the success of the barefoot community. Don towed the boat down all the way from Sheridan Lake to the site, their family made up most of the registration roster, and when asked for the gas receipts, Schwarty waved it off and simply said, “Don’t worry about it.” The myriad of volunteer judges, boat drivers, and organizers that come out every year to give their time, energy, and boat gas are quintessential to the sport’s close-knit community. The people in the barefoot community are the reason that our sport stays alive despite its small stature.

2015 Barefoot Provincial Results – Download PDF.

Becca Macdonald
WSWBC Barefoot Director



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