Quamichan Camp: Season Kick-Starter

Quamichan Camp: Season Kick-Starter

June 27th-30th, 2016: With the start of the tournament season ahead of us, several members of Team BC hit the water at Quamichan Lake in Duncan. As some of you may know, Quamichan Lake is known as a stagnate and disgusting water source, which turns many away. Fortunately for us, however, this quality makes Quamichan Lake a beautiful ski facility with little boat traffic.

The kids took advantage of this, with everyday bringing blue skies and calm water. With most of the kids just beginning to get their ski legs under them again, they skied great. Lots of positive vibes and smiles from everyone. Most of these kids are gearing up to compete in the Borderline Canam Tournament at Borderline Lake (Blaine, Washington) next weekend.



Team BC Members present were:

  • Kyle Fredrickson
  • Todd Heard
  • Nicola Leech
  • Tyler Leech
  • Jacob Chambers
  • Seth Metcalf
  • Colton Craddock

Huge Shout out to Mt. Sticker Lumber for supplying the gas for the camp. Also thank you to Denise and Craig Fredrickson for supplying the boat, as well as the Moose Waterski Club for letting us use the facility!

Coach Jed



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