Vancouver Waterski Club Camp

Vancouver Waterski Club Camp

July 11-14, 2016: The Vancouver Waterski Club held a clinic for Junior and Senior 3 event waterski development this week. With skiing taking place right on the Ocean in Bedwell Bay, one might think rough water was inevitable. With a little forecast and a great location, the water stayed calm all week. Most kids skiing in the camp were training for the upcoming BC Summer Games. The improvement was outstanding, with most kids learning to jump and trick. With seals curiously popping their heads up all over and a jelly fish population somewhere in the thousands, this site is an excellent example of British Colombia’s natural beauty. The kids also slept on the dock everyday, waking up to a magnificent red sunrise.


A huge thank you to Johnny Hayward for organizing, driving, and donating his boat for the week. Big thanks to Judith Harder for organizing, cooking and helping out throughout the week too!

If you’re ever in Deep Cove, check out the wicked Cafe Orso!

Coach Jed

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