Conley Pinette Junior World Champion

Conley Pinette Junior World Champion

Hey all!

Although it’s the heat of winter and many of you haven’t skied for a couple months, there has been some very exciting stuff happening! I will try to summarize the information below.

The Canadian Rankings came out in December. If you’re interested in seeing how you did in your respective division, make sure to check them out on WSWC’s website. We have several BC athletes rated number one in the nation!

The 2016 PanAm Waterski Championships also happened in November. 5 BC athletes competed in this prestigious event. There results were as follows:

  • Chris Horwood (U13 Boys): 4th in slalom, 6th in tricks, 5th in jump
  • John Horwood (U13 Boys): 5th in slalom, 5th in tricks, 4th in jump
  • Conley Pinette (U17 Boys): 7th in slalom, 5th in tricks, 1st in jump
  • Peter Person (Over 45 Mens): 2nd in slalom, 6th in tricks, 5th in jump
  • Dick Horwood(Over 45 Mens): 5th in slalom, 7th in tricks, 4th in jump

Along with Conley’s jump title, he managed to set a new PanAm U17 jumped record of 53.6m or 176ft! He also placed 2nd overall.

Conley was also a part of the Canadian squad of 6 that competed at the Junior World Water Ski Championships in Chile January 5th-8th. Conley placed 18th in slalom, 10th in tricks, and… 1st in jump!! Conley had to jump over 180ft on his last jump (which was also the last jump of the tournament) to win the title. He also set a Canadian record in prelims with a jump of 190ft (58m). This is the 3rd farthest jump in Junior Worlds History, only behind Tim Bradstreet (59m) and Zack Worden (58.1m). Team Canada as a whole took the title in the team event as well. Congrats Conley!

Finally, make sure to sign up for one of the coaching clinics this spring to become a NCCP registered coach. The more coaches, the better! This will only help our sport grow. They will most likely be held in the months of April and June. Also, make sure to become an official. If you’re a young kid and want this sport to continue to exist, we need your help. Many of the record tournaments (like at Borderline) we have are only possible due to level 3 officials. Please try to obtain your Level 3 officiating to help make these events possible!

I can’t wait to see all of you this summer! Summer 2017 will be one to remember.

Coach Jed
Jed Leech, BC Water Ski Team Head Coach

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