BC Riders Dominate at the 2017 Canadian Wake Nationals

BC Riders Dominate at the 2017 Canadian Wake Nationals

The 2017 Canadian Wakeboard Nationals were held at The Ranch Wake Park, Newmarket Ontario. August 19 to 22nd, 2017.

9 BC riders took home a combined 14 medals including 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. BC had the most athletes in attendance second to the strong local Ontario presence. It was amazing to see all of the BC riders in attendance and the families that have supported them to get there.

Congratulations to all the riders! Below is a summary of the results.

2017 Straight-Line Wake Park Championships

Junior Men (14-18) Straight

  1. Smith, Jordan BC
  2. Dayman, Sage SK
  3. Smith, Hunter BC
  4. McCann, Kaden BC
  5. Brault, Phillip QC
  6. Balgar, Vojta ON

Boys (13 U) Straight Line

  1. McCann, Kory BC
  2. Matte, Maddox ON
  3. Zeltner, Ryan ON
  4. Zellenrath, Ethan ON
  5. Spalding, Wyatt ON

Amateur Wake Skate Straight

  1. Jarrett, Jesse ON
  2. Smith, Hunter BC
  3. Newton, Carter BC
  4. Spalding, Cam ON

Men’s 19-29 Straight Line

  1. Boysen, Scott ON
  2. Farr, Addison ON
  3. Champion, Tanner BC

2017 Canadian Boat Championships

Junior Men (14-18)

  1. Smith, Hunter BC
  2. Lindsay, Tyler BC
  3. McNeill, Connor SK
  4. Jarrett, Jesse ON
  5. Stewart, Taylor ON
  6. Dillon, Riley ON
  7. Smith, Jordan BC
  8. Balgar, Vojta ON

Men’s 1 (19-24)

  1. Thompson, Colden BC
  2. Haynes, Patrick ON
  3. Jacques, Spencer ON
  4. Bierre, Hugo FRAN
  5. Allen, Billy ON

Masters (30-39)

  1. Balzer, James BC
  2. Langman, Erika ON
  3. Poole, Jay ON
  4. Case, Mike ON
  5. Tedford, Travis ON
  6. Sparkes, Leslie ON

Amateur Wake Skate

  1. Newton, Carter BC
  2. Smith, Hunter BC
  3. Stewart, Taylor ON

Professional Wakeskate

  1. Balzer, James BC
  2. Champion, Tanner BC
  3. Farr, Addison ON

Men’s Professional OVERALL

  1. Primrose, Christian ON
  2. Sinkic, Chris ON
  3. Brearley, Liam ON
  4. McMillin, Robbie ON
  5. Smith, Hunter BC
  6. Thompson, Colden BC
  7. Allen, Billy ON
  8. Balzer, James BC
  9. Stewart, Taylor ON
  10. Znebel, Dary ON



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