Water Ski Provincials Cancelled

Water Ski Provincials Cancelled

Dear WSWBC members,

After exploring options and very careful consideration, we regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances with the wildfire situation in BC, we have decided to formally cancel the BC Water Ski Provincialsfor the 2017 season.  We feel that even in the event we were able to host the tournament at Chimney Lake without threat of fires, it would be in poor taste given the devastating loss the region as suffered this summer.

We did look into other possible locations to host the event, but ultimately decided that due to the factors of lack of funding available for a new event (most provincials rely on months of fundraising by the host club to run), as well as the very likely situation that, given the short timeline, there would be a lack of skiers/officials able to attend, time to set up a video jump system, or even organize the event in general when everyone is in the middle of their season.

All of those who had already registered for the event will be refunded in full in short order.  Thank you all so much for your understanding in this very unfortunate situation, everyone has been amazing, and your support is greatly appreciated!

We have already decided to host the 2018 BC Water Ski Provincials at Chimney Lake at a date TBA as a show of respect to all of those who had lent their support/hard work in preparation of this year’s event, and hope to get to celebrate the rebuilding of their strong community next season!

Also stay tuned as we are working towards putting together a fundraising event for those affected by the wildfires!


Cory Bate
WSWBC President

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