2018 BC Water Ski Team

2018 BC Water Ski Team

WSWBC is excited to announce the 2018 BC Water Ski Team. Congratulations to the following athletes;

Junior Team

  • Marcus Athans
  • Isaac Athans
  • Christopher Horwood
  • Jonathan Horwood
  • Jared Parras
  • Kyle Fredrickson
  • Lucas Pinette
  • Jacob Chamber

Development Team

  • Amanda Chambers
  • Conor Batkin
  • Alexa Durrand
  • Patricia Horwood
  • Tyler Jochimski
  • Anthony Kurkjian
  • Hemming Sola
  • Nathaniel Jefferson

Alternate Team

  • Jake Metcalfe
  • Colton Craddock
  • Nathan Tongai
  • Zoe Garlinski-Gonski
  • Camryn Wong
  • Tori Warner
  • Liv Rankin
  • Kaden Scott
  • Linden Pinette
  • Jayden Burdick
  • Lincoln Richards


  • Nicola Leech
  • Arabella Repard
  • Rachel Dixon
  • Courtney Gray
  • Margot Frostad
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Tabitha Taylor
  • Mikalah Taylor
  • Julian Harder
  • Joel Larsen
  • Tyler Leech
  • Dallin Foremen
  • Dawsen Foremen
  • Seth Metcalfe
  • Luke Raymond
  • Matt Pinsonneault
  • Damian Dupius-Moist
  • Makaio McKnight


WSWBC is proud to have you represent the organization as one of our team athletes and want to do our part in supporting you to achieve your goals as a competitive water skier and any other future water sport endeavors you may seek. It is a testament to your hard work and dedication to the sport during the 2017 season.

As a part of the team, you will be expected to uphold the obligations and conduct WSWBC has set forth. Please review the long-term athlete development document.

Please contact Water Ski Director, Jed Leech, with any questions or concerns.


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