BC Wakeboard Team heads south

BC Wakeboard Team heads south

On May 16 2018, 8 members of the BC Wakeboard Team headed down south to Sacremento, California for 5 days of cable riding.

Team members Ryan Crema, Zakk Harman, Reece Hawthorne, Kaden & Kory McCann, Hunter & Jordan Smith, and Carter Newton spent 2 days at Wake Island Water Park and 3 Days At Velocity Island Park. These two cable parks are the only full-size cable parks in Western North America and happen to be 20 mins apart from each other!

All of the riders hit the park from opening to closing each day and have the blisters on their hands to prove it! The level of riding from all of these riders was amazing! We saw many first tricks landed and the unique west coast style that separates these riders from the locals. This was the 5th year that many of the riders have headed to Sacramento over the May long weekend. To think of how they were riding today vs 5 years ago is remarkable. We have to thank the cable parks owners, Noal (Wake Island) and Scott (Velocity), for their hospitality as they have got to know all of the riders in the group and always greet the team with THE CANADIANS ARE HERE!

I also want to thank the 7 parents that traveled with the athletes for their commitment to the athletes as it is an expensive trip to fly, rent cars, get hotels and feed these growing top riders! Kudos to your efforts!

Rick Smith
Wakeboard Director

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