SplashEye Jump now in BC

SplashEye Jump now in BC

WSWBC thanks BC Games Cowichan

WSWBC would like to thank Mike Williams, director of sport and the entire 2018 BC Games hosting committee for there hugh funding contribution to WSWBC for our new SplashEye jump system.

The system will be a legacy from the games and can be used at all our provincial clubs who have jumps throughout the province.

Thanks to the SplashEye Jump automatically measures every jump you take – no human intervention.

Two or three cameras mounted high at the lakeside monitor a landing area covering from 20 feet to 250 feet. A sensor mounted under the ramp surface triggers the system when the skier hits the ramp.After the skier lands the system scans through the recorded video to pick the landing frame.The frame is analysed to pick the SplashPoint closest to the ramp.4 seconds after the skier lands the score is displayed on the wireless scoreboard.

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