Adapted is simply water skiing for athletes with a disability. Participants compete in men and women divisions for blind persons, multiplegics and leg and arm amputees. Adapted tournaments include the same events as water skiing – slalom, tricks and jump. Audio slalom has recently been added to the events list.

Audio Slalom was designed for blind or vision impaired athletes, it is an event similar to slalom. The difference is that the skier turns at the sound of a tone rather than turning around a buoy. The Audio Slalom Signal Generator (ASSG) produces the tone. The ASSG measures the angle of the rope in relation to the boat path and sounds a tone when the skier has pulled far enough to the outside to simulate a turn around a buoy.

Blind athletes use the same equipment as non-disabled athletes, except another water skier is beside them to serve as a guide. Multiplegic athletes use sit skis, where they are seated on a ski that is wider than that of a regular slalom ski. Leg and arm amputees use the same equipment as in water skiing and have the option of skiing with or without a prosthesis.