Drug Free Sport


Water Ski and Wakeboard BC (WSWBC) supports the principles of fair and ethical sport and as such is unequivocally against prohibited substances and/or prohibited methods that enhance sporting performance, risk health and/or contrary to the spirit of sport.


WSWBC endorses the principles of the Canadian Policy Against Doping in Sport-2011 and enforces all provisions contained in the Canadian Anti-Doping Program including but not limited to General Principles and Rules and Standards, and as may be amended from time to time.


  • WSWBC shall advocate strong anti-doping programs by WSWC, IWWF and WWA.
  • WSWBC shall deliver ethical education programs to the athletes, athlete support personnel and other participants.
  • WSWBC shall support Doping Control activities, and in particular, assist in identifying the pool ofathletes subject to testing, provide the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) with accurate and reliable athlete whereabouts when requested, and provide information to athletes on doping free sport, and on testing, anti-doping rule violations and consequences and appeal rules.
  • WSWBC shall actively cooperate and participate with the CCES in any investigation of antidoping
    rule violations.