Equity and Access

As outlined in WSWBC Vision Statement, the association believes in creating an environment that promotes equity and access.

We further believe that we must do everything that our resources will allow, to promote equity and access for anyone interested in being involved with our sport. This includes eliminating all forms of barriers to entry into the sport and to our programs, throughout the province.

WSWBC will continue its efforts to ensure that the needs of all current and potential members are identified, promoted and supported, in our programs, policies and activities. We also hold the belief that no individual or group is more equal, that every member of our association and all those touched by our programs have the same rights to open, friendly, fair and just treatment within our activities.

In order to provide this open and fair treatment, it may mean not everyone is treated the same. People may need to be treated differently (with resources and programs) in order for us to treat them fairly.

Meeting the challenge of equity and access within our sport is bound to tax the resources and ingenuity of WSWBC. However the potential rewards are substantial, and well worth the effort.