Rip ‘n Ride

Rip ‘n Ride is a skills development program to attract, initiate and retain new participants to towed water sports. It is designed to be the national standardized Grassroots Program for towed water sports in Canada. All of the skills learned in the program are aimed at teaching the beginners the fundamentals of the sport. The goal of the program is to attract more people to the sport by providing them with the skills to enjoy the sport safely, and to encourage participants to progress their fundamentals skills. Rip ‘n Ride is an integral component of the organization’s FUNdamentals, FUNdations, and Build the Skills programming in support of the LTAD model.Cards are avalable now by contacting the WSWBC office.

Rip ‘n Ride is sponsored in BC by:


The program has three edicts: attract, initiate and retain!

Over the last year the program has been revitalized to better need the needs of the provider:

i. Redevelop: New skill progressions for each discipline have been created to include a wider skill range and to include new emerging disciplines.

ii. Redesign: Program materials have been redesign to make implementation for coaches easier and to be more attractive to participants. The report cards were modified so that each level is now a stand-alone card. Each piece of the program has also been developed so that each PSO can customize them for their province or for their individual providers. The new skill progressions have also been fully integrated into the three NCCP coaching courses: Foundations, Build the Skills and Learn to Compete.

iii. Rebrand: Based on feedback received from industry partners the program was rebranded to be more relevant to the target age group and the industry. New logo was designed and report cards are more visual and poster-like.

iv. WSWC has changed it financial model of the program. The program pieces will now be provided to the PSOs free of charge so that they can then be used as a membership incentive to increase membership numbers nationally. Cards are avalable now by contacting the WSWBC office.